Goodbye London; Welcome Home!

1 06 2011

The students in front of the London Eye and the Thames

Hiya everyone! We have just completed our London Study Tour. What a whirlwind! From dashing up the 530 steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral to taking apart Benedick’s soliloquy from Much Ado About Nothing at our Shakespeare’s Globe Workshop, everyday was packed with learning and fun. Please check out our new blog updates and photos on the London Study Tour 2011 page to see what our trip was like! There will be a few more posts to come as students write about their feelings on coming home.


Meet the Study Tour Gang

11 05 2011

If you’ve been wondering who the people are behind the posts on our London Study Tour 2011 page, your answers are here! We asked our 12 students (and two staff members) to complete eight random sentences that describe them. Check out the link above to find out what words we say way too much, and what we would eat if we could only eat one thing for the rest of our lives…

Autumn 2011 Course Selection

11 05 2011

Hello students,

Congratulations on finishing another semester! We hope it was fun and fruitful for all of you.

Thanks again for taking our courses this semester. Hopefully we can see you in the coming semester as well. Before you drift off into summer laziness, check out our list of Autumn 2011 ECLP courses to see if any tickle your fancy. All of our courses are designed to teach you more about American or British culture, the topic of the course, and English language. They are open to students from all majors, in all levels of study. All courses are conducted in English and students are expected to communicate with the instructors and each other in English. Please e-mail us if you have any questions about these courses. Thanks!

1)      ENGL A131F Introduction to English Fiction 英語小說導論

**Blended-learning Mode**

Credits: 5

Level: Foundation

This course aims to introduce methods of reading, understanding and appreciating literary works from the genre of fiction. Students will study various forms of fiction by great masters such as Henry James, William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf and Doris Lessing.

2)      ENGL A102F Classic American Films經典美國電影

Credits: 5

Level: Foundation

This course introduces students to American film art and culture through the study of great films. Through the course, students gain knowledge regarding the basic elements in Film Art and the relationship between film and culture

3)      ENGL A104F World Englishes and Cultures世界英語及文化

Credits: 5

Level: Foundation

This course introduces students to the different diversities of English and examines the linguistic and cultural development of the English language around the world. Its teaching materials include short stories, films and videos.

4)      ENGL A105 Hong Kong Literature in English 英語香港文學

Credits: 5

Level: Foundation

This course introduces students to English literary works written by Hong Kong writers. Discussion will be made regarding the relationship between language and identity. The trends of localization and globalization will also be examined.

5)      ENGL A107F Children’s Literature in English            英語兒童文學

Credits: 5

Level: Foundation

This course aims to examine methods of reading, understanding and appreciating masterpieces in Children’s Literature through the perspectives of children and intellectuals. The influence of Children’s Literature upon culture will also be evaluated. Works from Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl will be studied.

6)      ENGL A108F English and Popular Song Lyrics 英語流行歌歌詞

Credits: 5

Level: Foundation

This course aims to introduce students to the development of English-language popular music. The influence of popular music on formation and expression of identity and pop music as a form of social commentary will be explored. Some of the featuring topics include the rise of rock and roll, women in popular music, hip hop and minority cultures in pop music.

ECLP Courses (January 2012) – Subject to Change

ENGL A102F Classic American Films 經典美國電影

ENGL A103F British and American Short Stories 英美短篇小說

ENGL A104F World Englishes and Cultures 世界英語及文化

ENGLA106F English in Media and Pop Culture 英語傳媒及文化

ENGL A203F Hitchcock Films 希治閣電影

ENGLA204F Modern British and American Drama 現代英美戲劇

ENGL A231F English Literature in the Modern World 現代世界英語文學**New**Blended-learning**

STUDY TOUR 2011: It’s summer!

9 05 2011

Our students have started posting on the London trip. Click on the London Study Tour 2011 page to see more entries like this…

(May 9,2011) Vivian: Hurray!! I can’t believe that I finished all exams and my summer holiday eventually comes! Good morning everyone. What’s an enjoyable day, I’m free now! Finally, I can prepare my trip. Finally, I can write a post. Finally, I can enjoy my sports,music and online games. (This is my life, I cannot live without any of them.)

After the first pre-departure meeting, I’m really looking forward to going London. As you’re so nice and friendly and passionate, we will have a great time in London, I’m sure!  Hey, what you’re excited about? For me, I can’t wait to meet Prince Harry, Harry Potter and Emma Watson. Perhaps, I suddenly fall in love with Prince _ _ _  and then I will hold a great wedding party as similar as Kate’s one.(Oh..I’m sick of you Vivian!!!..Please stop daydreaming.) I’m sorry@@@ Actually,I’m contacting with my friends those who live in England, and I hope they can spare time with me.  Moreover, I am looking up some websites about London.

Now I am going to out for changing money.(the pound is falling.)
I’m really grateful that Linda and Chase prepared a lot for us, and of course our sponsor. Thank you so much!!!!

P.S. I’m sorry for my poor English.I hope it will be improved after the trip!!

2011 London Study Tour page now live!

6 05 2011

Hi everyone,

Some exciting news for you: The 2011 London Study Tour page is now up and running! We’ll be in London from May 20th to 28th this year, but posts will be starting this weekend. Please check the page often for updates from students and staff. It’s your chance to get the inside scoop on how we’re prepping and playing before and during our trip. We’ll post some reflections after the trip as well.

Next week, you’ll be able to meet our fabulous personalities as we publish little tidbits of trivia on all the travelers. Happy reading!

Royal Wedding Fever AND Cambridge Apps on Sale!

26 04 2011

Dear students,

You may have noticed the internet going agog over the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the UK. Whether you’ve been a dedicated royal watcher for years or are simply curious about the wedding, there are a host of websites devoted to the big day, April 29th. Check out our list below for a small sampling of sites, including live streaming video on Youtube’s Royal Channel as the couple ties the knot on Friday.

Even if you can’t tell Prince William from William Shakespeare, the Royal Wedding still means great news for you as English-learners. Cambridge University Press is having a Royal Wedding Sale on most of their iTunes apps for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Get the Advance Learner's Dictionary and never rely on awful free dictionaries again! (You get what you pay for.)

We recommend you download the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, an indispensable learning resource. Not only does this dictionary contain 170,000 words and 25,000 collocations, but each entry has an example of usage – perfect for ESL/EFL students. Grammar and usage labels are also offered, so you will never again have to guess which nouns are countable or not. And since this dictionary comes to us from the highly-regarded Cambridge University Press, you won’t have to worry about wonky definitions. The dictionary is on sale for $.99 USD (which is 90% off the original price) until the Royal Wedding on April 29th. Check out their other helpful English-learning apps, too, including an app for phrasal verbs, and another for English idioms. We English teachers highly approve.

ROYAL WEDDING SITES (not inclusive)

The Royal Wedding official website: Featuring up-to-the-minute press releases, including guests lists and seating arrangements.

The Royal Wedding website of BBC News: A plethora of related news stories from the UK and around the world from Britain’s broadcasting powerhouse. Also has a fantastic interactive feature called A History of Royal Weddings, with photos and videos of all royal weddings, starting with the wedding of George VI in 1923.

The Royal Wedding website of The Guardian: Latest news and commentary on the Royal Wedding. Great interactive map of the wedding route and inside Westminster Abbey.

The Royal Wedding website of The Telegraph: A nearly-encyclopedic website with tons of news, history, and details of Wills and Kate’s Royal Wedding and royal weddings of the past. A handy “Who’s Who” photo gallery guide to the Royal family and the Middletons – perfect for spotting distinguished guests as you watch the live wedding broadcast.

And of course, there are tons of sites online that will be streaming the big event. Simply do a web search, or check out The Royal Channel on Youtube, which will be streaming video on April 29th from 10am BST (5pm HK time). The site also has an interactive procession map, and a wedding book for you to send a video message to the couple.

Bonus student work

16 03 2011

Hey everyone! Due to overwhelmingly positive responses to our three short stories posted from our  Hong Kong Lit class, we’re pleased to present a bonus story. Our extra story is by Phyllis C. and it’s called “Are You Sure?” This story addresses the potentially controversial issues surrounding a romantic relationship between a Hong Kong person and a Mainlander. It’s a great read, so check it out soon!